You’ve Got a Community Mentor

Settling into a New Home Made Easier Thanks to The Birch Hill Mentor Program

If the thought of moving to a new neighborhood in your seventies or eighties intimidates you, you’re not alone. We understand this issue can be sticking point for some people making the smart move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).  You picture yourself alone, trying to fit in, finding your way and possibly feeling more isolated than you did at home.  Please know that this is not what you can expect from the warm and caring community at Birch Hill.

All new residents are matched with a mentor. Thanks to this program, the reality looks like settling into your new home and already having a person to dine with, ask questions about the community and tour the surrounding neighborhoods. What a huge relief for the naturally introverted personality. The mentors are volunteers that are matched with new residents based on interests or life history.  They are available to help you learn your way around, the ins and outs of daily operation, the jam packed life enrichment programming and something-for-everyone fitness offerings.

Welcoming Ways Include

  • A note with the mentor’s name and contact information upon move in
  • An invitation to the resident run Tavern on Tuesday or Friday night
  • Going on a trip together
  • Booking a shuttle ride and traveling together
  • Exploring the front desk to meet reception and learn about the resources there
  • Taking them to Terrace Treasures and Library
  • Show them a sun room
  • Exercising together in the fitness room

Dennis McMann, Chairperson of the the Birch Hill mentor program says, “This program is important for all new residents but can be most helpful for single people moving in.  It just shows them that they are not alone and helps to get them acquainted with the programming available. New couples are matched with resident couples to review community offerings and get to know the area.”

This program has proved successful for many years and resulted in new friendships. Resident Kathleen Goulet who is now a member of the mentor program said, “My mentor was amazing and made sure I was welcomed by the neighborhood. We still meet for lunch and catch up from time to time when we can. I really appreciated having someone to turn to at anytime who was friendly and helpful.”

Schedule a tour and feel welcomed from the first moment.