Tales of Freedom

It could be a bit overwhelming to imagine all the stories Birch Hill resident Bob Stevens has heard since 2004 when he started working with the Library of Congress on the Veteran’s History Project. For this program, he produces a show called “The Veteran’s Forum.” 

The program consists of more than 150 interviews with veterans involved at any level of service. The interviews become stories, and a living history of real accounts within active duty not found in any history book. For many veterans from WWII on, telling their story becomes a meaningful part of their legacy to leave for family and friends.

Sessions are filmed and broadcast on Community Access TV stations across southern New Hampshire. A copy of the interviews are submitted to the Library of Congress in an effort to preserve the true history of men and women who have served our country. These personal accounts are heroic and touching.

All veterans at any rank or job who played a part in our military history are welcome to be a part of this project. Bob shares, “The stories of different jobs and ranks all build together to form the military pyramid of support. In some way or another, all the pieces depend on each other.” Bob adds, (requested in caps) “THE SIMPLE FACT IS, IF YOU DO NOT TELL YOUR STORY NOBODY ELSE WILL AND AN IMPORTANT PART OF HISTORY WILL BE LOST.”

Each participant will receive a copy of the interview for their own use.

“The Veteran’s Forum” airs Friday nights at 7 pm on Birch Hill TV and can be viewed anytime on Bob Stevens’ YouTube channel or those of the Community Access TV stations.

If you would like to be a part of this project, contact Bob Stevens at [email protected] or 603-232-2691.