The History of Birch Hill

In 1875, a small group of women in the mill town of Manchester came together to serve the needs of the greater community. The 24 who began the Women’s Aid and Relief Society sought inclusivity – any woman could join the work of the Society for an annual fee of 50 cents.

Their work evolved as the community did, effecting positive change in hundreds of lives. The Society was committed to housing and nursing needs and transforming their buildings and services to match; from opening the area’s first hospital to creating Pearl Manor, a nursing care facility.

In order to provide multiple levels of care, in 1995 Pearl Manor moved from its original location to join Hillcrest Terrace on its new campus. In 2009, that entity became Manchester’s first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and changed their name to Birch Hill Terrace. The legacy of our work continues to evolve and grow to this day.

Now Birch Hill, our latest evolution, is a proud affiliate of The RiverWoods Group. We are poised for the transformation – renovating and adding to our campus for a new generation of seniors – through our mission-driven staff, our focus on the creation of community and the peace of mind we give to whom we serve.

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