Assisted Living in Manchester, NH

Assisted Living that is Personal and Professional

Your care is not “one size fits all”.  We design a person-centered plan for how you can reach your highest level of independence to enjoy life to the fullest. At Birch Hill, when you need care, you simply move down the hall to our Health Center, get high-quality care, and then return to your independent home — your community stays with you.

Last year I had a knee replaced.

I got the extra help I needed while I was recovering at no extra charge, but I was still able to see my friends, enjoy my mornings in the art room, and the live music after dinner. After just a couple of weeks, I was back on my feet and returned to my independent life!

Assisted Living at Birch Hill Helps Couples Stay Together

Often, spouses age differently, and one spouse may need more care than another. Caregiving can put a strain on any relationship, but at Birch Hill, these relationships are preserved. One person can receive Assisted Living level of care, allowing the other to be a spouse, not a caregiver.


High-Quality Care Below Market Rate

Living at Birch Hill means that no matter what happens, you have a plan in place, and you are not going to pay market rate for your high-quality care.  You can transition to Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Nursing Care as your needs change, which means you don’t have to leave the community when your health is most vulnerable.

Continuum of Care Means Peace of Mind

As a Birch Hill resident, you don’t have to worry about the increasing costs of long-term care – you will get guaranteed care in three different levels, right within the community, well below market rate.  Our staff is dedicated to preserving your highest level of independence.

Discuss Long-Term Care Costs With a Counselor

It’s Not Your Grandparents’ Nursing Home

If “assisted living” brings visions of wheelchairs in front of TV sets to your mind, think again. Birch Hill has one of the most active programming teams in the area, providing engaging, fun programming seven days a week, along with excursions to interesting local venues and outdoor spaces.

Levels of care in The Manor at Birch Hill

The Manor at Birch Hill is recognized for our philosophy of person-centered care.  The professionalism and longevity of the nursing staff offers consistency with support in all levels of healthcare. The team delivers every opportunity for residents to flourish and remain as independent as possible. This fact sheet has detailed information on levels of support in The Manor.

Download the Fact Sheet

Top Assisted Living FAQs

  • Can I get health care in my home if I want or need it?

    When you want to remain in your independent home, but you need some extra help, Catered Living is available to you. Choose from a diverse menu of services, at an additional fee, and our staff will provide extra help to meet your needs and make life easier.

  • If I need Assisted Living, can I come back to my home?

    We anticipate residents may have intermittent, short-term needs for health care. That’s why our residents have the advantage of 30 free days in the health canter each year to ensure they can get episodic care on a temporary basis without a full-time transition to the health center.

  • Do you accept MediCare?

    We do not accept MediCare for payment toward your service fee at Birch Hill. If you see a visiting medical provider, such as visiting nurse, physical or occupational therapist, or the on-site Provider at Birch Hill, Medicare is billed.

  • Do I need long term care insurance?

    Long Term Care insurance is not a requirement at Birch Hill. However, depending on what your policy covers, it may reimburse you for expenses when utilizing the services in Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing, or Catered Living at Birch Hill.

  • Are all CCRCs the same?

    No. The majority of CCRCs are non-profit, but there are three major types: Type A (all inclusive) Type B (Moderate) and Type C (rental). Birch Hill is Type B and offers the advantage of a lower entrance fee, as well as discounted pricing on future health care.