The Secret to Successful Aging


10:30 – 1:00

Complimentary Luncheon

The Secret to Successful Aging

Scenarios for Senior Living

Want to know the secret to successful aging?  It’s not Botox, or kale, or even Sudoku.

Statistics show that adults are living longer than ever, benefiting from advances in medical care. So, what are the keys to staying healthy and happy during this extended period of vitality? More importantly, have you explored your options for making the most of this time?

Join us for this fun and informative presentation to learn about:

  • The five options for senior living and case studies for each scenario
  • How aging has changed today compared to prior generations
  • Statistics that might surprise you about long-term care
  • The importance of defining purpose later in life

Enjoy a complimentary luncheon presentation and find your definition of independence. Stay in control of your future and make sure that no matter what your plan may be, the decision is well informed. Listen as our panel of resident experts describes their involvement in clubs or activities at Birch Hill and in the greater Manchester area. Their inspiring stories of finding and carrying purpose could be the key to living a longer and happier life.


Birch Hill | 200 Alliance Way, Manchester, NH

Limited Seating Available

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In the event of measurable snow, the date will be Wednesday, January 15, 2020.