A Novel Approach

Improvements to the Birch Hill Library


Although the room size remains the same, the library at Birch Hill is bigger and brighter than before.  The resident-run library at Birch Hill that averages more than 60 check-outs per month is now prepared for more volume, in a more functional and appealing space.

The dedicated library committee worked in chorus to sort, decide the fate of, pack and unpack the books for the room’s revision.  Committee Chairperson Pat Young, a former high school librarian met with the carpenters on the design of the shelving and selected the room color.  During an interview with a few members of the committee and a quick tour, she shared, “There will also be a special collection section that switches out about four times annually – the first is on the topic of Genealogy.”

The improvements include:

  • New, more petite modern furniture and donations of artwork for the walls
  • Narrower shelving allowing all books to be within adaptable reach
  • Bright, energy-efficient lighting in the ceiling and atop each bookshelf
  • The books are organized by genre and author
  • Large print books are grouped together

If residents are seeking a certain book, not in the collection, they have the option of requesting a book from the Manchester City Library.  There is a simple form to fill out and Birch Hill takes care of the rest with the book on loan up to four weeks.